10 Minutes of Kirby and the Forgotten Land Gameplay

Experience ten minutes of brand new gameplay from Kirby and the Forgotten Land, showcasing new Mouthful Modes such as Stairs Mouth, Dome Mouth, and Storage Mouth, as well as two stages of Treasure Road, the new Ranger copy ability, Gotcha Machine, and Battle Against Gorimondo.
Evan Langer
on the March 3, 2022, at 5:00 AM PST
We have hot preview gameplay for the new Kirby game. Kirby and the Forgotten Land features a brand new model based on the cute pink mascot’s love of food. Mouth mode, as it’s called, lets you see just how bold Kirby will get this time around. Nothing is forbidden. Ladders, refrigerators, and even entire cars are turned inside out for the little pink hero as he uses these items to solve practical puzzles and get to new places he wouldn’t normally be able to get to. Fans of the classic Kirby have nothing to worry about, he still has his trusty copy ability, and you’ll even see some of them here! He just swallows everything that catches his eye!
It’s kind of crazy how one of the most powerful beings in the entire universe eats all sorts of things to solve his problems. But it seems really cool. Kirby has been around for a while and continues to find new ways to use food to solve problems. Mouth Mode is a very nice addition to his ability set. Maybe we’ll see it return in some way in the next Smash Brothers? It would be nice to see Kirby fit an entire Star Fox Landmaster tank or something and see what he can do. Wait, does gulp mode work on people? I kinda hope not. Come to think of it; it’s almost as unsettling as Mario manipulating people with a hat. Guess we’ll have to wait until the game comes out to see!
Kirby and the Forgotten Land were coming to Nintendo Switch on March 25, 2021. Be sure to check it out for yourself and see what else Kirby has the guts to put in his mouth.

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