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If you enter Triangle Strategy thinking it will be similar to Fire Emblem or Final fantasy tactic then hard times are ahead of you. Square Enix’s latest turn-based strategy game is actually no one from those. It takes a lot of inspiration from Tactics as well as Octopathbut Triangle it is a solid beast of its own. If you’re thinking about giving the game a try, here are some tips to get you started.

Let your allies die

Anyone who played the old Fire Emblem games knows how to instantly reload when one of their units goes down if you’re playing on permanent death. Turn-based tactical games consist of many chapters, and the loss of even one character can lead to serious problems on more complex maps.

It has no eternal death Triangle, and the game scales harder for it. So don’t punish yourself by reloading right after one of your soldiers dies. They’ll be fine as long as they weren’t a key character that you needed to protect on certain maps.

Watch your back, literally

In this game, you can get extra damage from a backstab. If your character is surrounded by one enemy on each side, then they can get stabbed in the back. as well as attacked twice. You don’t want this to happen. When you end your turn, you can choose which direction to face. Ideally, you want your back to be towards the wall or another ally.

Warning: You can still get backstabbed by archers from above. Use this weakness to your advantage, but don’t think your back is always safe.

Pay attention to the order of movement

Look at the bar at the bottom of the screen and check your device order numbers frequently. I know it’s tiring to keep track of 20 or 30 people at once, but it’s essential to the survival of your army. It doesn’t matter if your tank has a very high defense as long as 10 enemies attack before your healer can get to them (sorry Erador…).

If you’re in a tight spot, use Serenoa or Jens to delay the enemy’s turn. Alternatively, you can use Benedict’s ability to immediately force an ally to move.

Pay attention to the height

Generally, attacks deal more damage if you are at a higher altitude than your opponent. But be careful: if you are too high, then some attacks and abilities will not be able to hit the enemy, even if your character is close to an enemy unit.

Tease early and tease often

I really had no luck with maps where faster enemies were critically hitting my characters before they even had a chance to move or heal themselves. You can fix this by gifting Erador a Vanguard Scarf, which will ensure that your most durable character makes the first move in combat. Once he taunts nearby enemies with his modest AoE, you can move the rest of your army around without worrying about them all getting killed immediately.

Don’t sleep on Benedict

Benedict is the responsible steward of the protagonist. For a long time, I was angry with him because his advice was never funny but always right. He also has a very short attack range and no offensive abilities. Yes, I didn’t like Benedict at all.

It was only on later maps that I realized that I was mistaken in not noticing him. This man is one of the most enduring main characters in the game. He should be since he is the buffer of the party. Need more range of motion? More damage? Protection? Need a specific character to move immediately? This person can do everything. Conditions on the battlefield are constantly changing, so you need his power-up abilities to adapt to any situation. Did I mention he’s indestructible? Yes. Even if you’re not using Benedict now, you should keep him level up in case you need him later.

Use Anna for high chip damage

Anna is the party’s spy character. She can poison enemies from a distance and then hide for one turn. Be sure to use this tactic wisely on dangerous maps.

Don’t mess with Medina and Picoletta if you’re low on funds

Medina is one of the healers you can pick up as you progress through the story, while Picoletta can expand your range of offensive items. The only problem is that there is not a lot of money in this game (at least on the first playthrough). I found myself spending most of my gold on weapon upgrades and healing items were an afterthought. Besides, I’m stingy. If you’re going to tell me that I need to pay money to use the character to its full potential, then… I’m just not going to use it

Play mind games with yourself

If you’ve been plodding through a few chapters wondering why you always feel like you’re underdeveloped, it’s probably because you are. If you go to the camp menu, you can talk to the bartender in the upper right corner. There you can play “Mental Mock Battles” where you try out strategies against fake enemies. And yes, imagining fake battles earns you experience and loot.

Don’t choose the third answer

IN Triangle, you can influence the opinions of your group members by talking to them before voting on the main stories. Keep in mind – the correct answer is not always the last one. Or the answer that was just unlocked. You need to actually listen to each character’s concerns and consider what their values ​​are. You know, just like with your real friends.

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