22 MORE Things You STILL Didn’t Know In Zelda Breath Of The Wild

In the video above, we cover 22 facts, tips, and tricks that are not so well known, from secrets to failures, some of which are quite simple and others are quite difficult. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been out for four years now, and players have found some amazing things, intentionally or not, that keep the game fresh and feeling open.

One of the newest big discoveries is item transmutation, which allows you to turn any material into something else. By holding items Smuggling five materials in your hands, then selling the rest so you have none left in your inventory, picking up one fresh material, and releasing what you have, this transfers Hold 5 items to any stackable material you want, including korok seeds and temple orbs. This is the first opening of SRM, or Stale Reference Manipulation in Breath of the Wild, although nothing comes close to breaking the game quite like what you saw in Ocarina of Time.

You’ve seen the Triforce design everywhere, especially in the temple of time. The front and back walls, the floor, it’s pretty hard to miss. But there is one that you may not have actually seen, if you take a close look at the floor of the building in front of the temple, there is the signature of Dean, the triforce of power. Look at the floor of the other two, you will also find the Naira and Farore symbols barely visible. All three on the map show that this is a full trinity symbol, facing south and indicating the entrance to the Temple of Time. If you can’t see the symbols clearly in Breath of the Wild, jump into Age of Calamity, they’re obviously there.

You have heard the music in the sanctuaries hundreds of times, you have heard everything. But have you paid attention to how it works? On the Nintendo website, they explain that, unlike most standard video game songs that repeat the same section over and over, shrines have unique music with special unquoted “phrases” that randomize based on time. which you explore in the sanctuary. That’s why when you enter the same temple multiple times, you will almost never hear the same song over and over again.

It’s a little tricky, but these goron pots answer the age-old question: Can you lift what you’re standing on? Yes, if timed correctly, Link will lift the pot he’s standing on and fly into the air. Although I don’t think it works that way in real life.

Did you know that these candles can be lit? Many interactive torches in Hyrule Castle do not burn. Their official name is Hyrule Castle table torches, and they can give the Sanctuary a whole different vibe when all of them are turned on!

Did you know blue pies conduct electricity?

Link is highly resistant to fire when it rains, such as burning grass. But this applies to other fire effects as well, such as during Lizalfos’ Fire Breath of Flames, which will not affect Link.

Most players know that fire churches and kizis die in the rain, but most people forget that jelly churches are just portable water balloons and when hit near them will have the same effect.

When selling items, the menu blocks access to weapons, bow and arrows, shields, and never allows you to sell these items. But believe it or not, this hardware does have a value of Rs in the game code. These buy and sell values ​​were likely implemented during testing and then removed in the final product. But you can still see these values ​​in the game code, for example, the Traveler’s Sword costs 5 rupees to sell and 20 to buy, the Lynel Wild Bow costs 52 rupees to sell and 156 to buy, and the Radiant Shield costs 52 rupees to sell and 210 to buy. purchase. buy!

This is more of a quick tip, but many players, when trying to start a fire on a hill, first throw wood and then try to light it quickly. It’s better to do the opposite, shoot a fire arrow at the ground and then throw wood on it, this is a much faster way to set fire to the wood. Or a fun trick to smuggle a burning weapon and then just throw a tree, it will automatically catch fire as soon as it lands.

Here’s an old trick that some players don’t know. It is possible to run with a horse constantly on ice or fire, using the old method of shooting your own horse when you drown from long range, or the new campfire method with enemy horses, you can keep the horse constantly on fire or frozen. This horse, as with similar glitches, makes them immune to fire, so if you have the patience to take the horse to the mountain of death, you can ride freely!

Everyone has heard of Bullet Time Bounces, but you can do it with some other items besides the link. The easiest way is to wait for the Pokolbin to pick up the stone, then freeze it in the blink of an eye, and then watch the fireworks unfold.

Everyone knows that you can shoot a bow on horseback, but what you may not know is that each bow is modified to have the same rate of fire? This can be a buff or a nerf depending on the bow, for example, the Royal Guard Bow has the highest rate of fire in the game, and on horseback, it is quite nerfed. Whereas, on the other hand, the Ancient Bow fires relatively slowly, but is boosted by riding at this particular rate of fire.

Did you know that you can damage enemies with a backflip? This is more compatible with low-level bobbins, with a well-timed backflip you can defeat them unarmed.

The central bell of Tarry Town is a unique magnetic object. Try using magnesis on the bell, it will actually make a tinkling sound, or shooting projectiles to rock it back and forth will work too!

Breath of the Wild featured many crystals and minerals, including sapphire, ruby, topaz, diamonds, and more. But Revali had another gem that is technically in the game but never used, Jade. Rewari’s hair bands and anklets are made of pure jade but are not found anywhere else in Hyrule.

Have you ever wondered how the great tower plateau had a gaping hole in the hill when you first found it? Well, apparently, during the disaster 100 years ago, the guards fired several shots into the embankment, making the hole you see today before excavating it.

Some people still haven’t noticed that during the Champions Ballad DLC cutscenes, all of the champions do their signature poses at some point. These poses are also the chosen pose for the Amiibos champion.

The final design of the Ancient Bladesaw is based largely on the crude design of the chainsaw. But during development they had a slightly different idea, with three individually rotating blades. It was probably inspired by a real saw, similar to this one, in a profession called “Tree Trimming from the Air”, where helicopters use these multiple rotations to cut trees from above.

When you fire a stun or fire arrow at an object, it momentarily retains those properties along with the object. This includes basically any object that can be fired, such as materials, your own bombs, even rupees that glide very far and can carry your fire into enemy territory.

Here are some great things that mention the final boss, so spoilers for recent new players. I have already shown how fire attacks can be parried by any of the ice elemental attacks, such as Lynel’s fireballs. But that includes a lot of other fireball attacks like Wizzrobes fireballs, regular Fireblights, and shotgun-style fireballs, and even Calamity Ganon’s deadly explosive fireball right out of his hands.

BATV Speedrunners have been hammering this Any% trick into their heads for years, from stunning, blocking Ganon with a two-handed punch over and over, to Ganon’s cheesy Calamity. But did you know that Nintendo was fully aware of this trick and wrote new flag codes around it with the release of Master Mode? This trick, as many people know, does not work in the main mode, but only in normal mode, because this particular set of code here excludes that if the “HardModeManager” flag, also known as the main mode, and other small conditions are true, the stun lock is patched. but if it is false, then it allows players to stun Ganon over and over again. Why is this unlock intentionally left in the game? I’m pretty sure daddy Nintendo is an I-watch speedrunner.

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