5 Tips for Practicing Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a mental practice whose benefits are becoming increasingly popular in the media. The practices that evoke mindfulness are simple. However, it may not be easy to incorporate them into our daily lives.

Here are some tips from mindfulness trainers which can help you benefit from mindfulness.

Pause what you are doing and breathe

Relax and follow the sensation of taking a deep breath. Feel your breath as it comes in and out. Taking the time to calm down, even with simple breaths, can help you feel calmer. Sitting and breathing for a minute will help you focus for the rest of the day.

End your phone

Your body’s attention system is triggered by the most exciting thing around you. In this case, your phone tends to be the most stimulating. Your phone can temporarily do away with boredom. It can also push you to ignore your surroundings and sensations.

Take time each day to set boundaries for your screen time. Put away your phone and make it difficult to access it. Remember, if it’s within reach, you might get bored and pick it up without even realizing it.

Prioritize one thing at a time

As humans, we prioritize tasks as soon as we get them. This could mean starting something new while you still have five tasks in progress. You would rather finish writing this letter first than pick up the phone and say yes. Keep in mind that switching between tasks can take you longer and increase your chances of making mistakes. For this reason, you should only focus on one thing at a time. That is why a significant part of attentiveness the concept revolves around doing one thing at a time. In essence, it is the practice of focusing all attention on one task.

Look for conscious moments in what you do

Mindfulness is about consciously doing one task at a time and learning more about the task and how to complete it. The next time you take on a seemingly meaningless task like brushing your teeth, tying your shoelaces, washing the dishes, or folding your clothes, make the process mindful. Feel your feelings. Is there a way to fully immerse yourself in what you are doing so that it is enjoyable?

Pay attention to the steps you have taken

Focusing on the experience of walking and becoming aware of these sensations is an effective way to practice mindfulness. You can feel more present and feel focused if you’re running, exercising, or dancing. This can affect your mindfulness practice.

You can also focus on the feel of your legs as you move to achieve awareness. When you move your feet on the sidewalk or walk up the stairs to your office, you can become aware of what is happening to your feet and notice what is happening.

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