7th Sector Special Edition Up For Pre-Order From Strictly Limited Games


There are several companies that delight physical collectors in the Switch market, and Strictly Limited Games is another company that provides a platform for download-only games. His last option for pre-ordering 7th Sector with several options for those who want to update their collections.

First of all, 7th Sector is a game that originally hit the online store in February 2020, when many games were cyberpunk-themed. It is also an interesting puzzle game where you control multiple cars and can influence the ending with your actions.

Welcome to the 7th Sector, which takes place in the mysterious world of cyberpunk. Immerse yourself in this intricate journey, solving various puzzles, facing dangers, and collecting scattered information to learn the history of this world. Take control of several different characters, each with their own abilities to help you navigate the devices and mechanisms of the world. Some of the choices and actions you make determine the end result.

As for the physical editions offered by Strictly Limited Games, they are due to ship in August, so these are pre-orders. This standard edition for 29.99 euros in which there is a game and a manual, and there is a special limited edition (1500 copies) priced at €49.99. which includes a lot of goodies.


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