85% of Apex Legends Players Responded Better to Direct Feedback Than Outright Bans

EA COO Laura Miele says the gaming industry needs to create a better online community, and that it’s not as difficult a task as one might expect.

At the annual DICE Summit, Miele delivered a keynote address covering a range of topics from the Metaverse to the state of the industry. One of the elements that Miele touched upon was that the games industry is uniquely positioned to improve on all of the various evolving metaverses and social networks that are currently in development.

Mile cites EA’s work with games like Apex Legends and how the community has improved itself without bans or other punitive measures. “85% of players who received feedback about their behavior in accordance with the Positive Play charter changed their behavior. We didn’t have to ban them.”

Screenshots and illustrations of Mad Maggie – Apex

According to Miele, EA was able to improve its Apex Legends community by sending a simple personal email instead of an outright ban, and this has resulted in positive changes. The Apex Legends stats are an example provided by Miele that shows how the gaming industry can bring order to the metaverse. “We need some kind of world order,” Mile says, “and no industry can do it better than ours.”

Another positive community tool that Miele cites is Apex Legends’ ping system, which allows players to non-verbally communicate online with strangers. This ping system was one of the patents opened by EA to allow other developers to use it royalty-free. “We can dare to do better. The ingenuity of game developers can have a significant impact on creating safer communities,” Miele says.

Miele’s full keynote address covered a wide range of topics and kicked off the first in-person DICE summit since 2020. Over the past two years, we’ve seen concepts like the metaverse emerge, while the industry has been rocked by the gender discrimination scandal. companies like Activision Blizzard.

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