Chrono Trigger Gets Ultrawide 21:9 PC Release Before It Gets A Nintendo Switch Release

Chrono Trigger was first updated in four years to add 21:9 support to a PC. For someone you know who has an ultra-widescreen monitor. We’re certainly not the kind of people who wish other people weren’t allowed to play games because we can’t, but……Why did Chrono Trigger get an ultra-wide update before the release of Switch? Come on!

This latest Steam update also includes some UI improvements, improved controls, and bug fixes. Here is the complete list:

Updated Features

・Full screen mode is now available:
Full screen display with aspect ratio up to 21:9.
Screen mode added.

An exclamation mark will now be displayed for an interactive prompt such as “Speak”.
Changed the size of dungeon entrance markings, etc. to be easier to see.
Improved event areas to make them easier to clean up when using touch controls.
Small additional control settings.

・Improved combat
The speed of combat in auto-battles has been increased by 1.5 times.
Automatically continue with the automatic battle selected for the next battle.
It is possible to adjust the speed of the battle from the MENU.

Additional features:
Available save slots increased to 20 slots.

・Minor bugs fixed.

In any case, congratulations to the owners of ultra-wide monitors. We’re just a little salty.

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