A funding dispute with G.O.P. senators may complicate Biden’s efforts on antivirals and tests.

A funding dispute with Republican senators could complicate

The Biden administration’s efforts to provide free antiviral pills and monoclonal antibody treatments this year to Americans who test positive for the coronavirus. The question is whether the White House has provided the Republican-desired level of detail. On the trillions of dollars in Covid relief that Congress previously authorized. A group of three dozen Republican senators led by Mitt Romney of Utah told the White House last week  . That they would not consider billions of new Covid aid spending without more detailed consideration. Of how current accounts lived paid and whether any cash lived resigned.

  • “It is not nonetheless apparent why more allowance is required,” reported in a note to President Biden on Wednesday.
  • Administration officials have requested $22.5 billion for additional vaccines. Oral antivirals, and monoclonal antibodies, testing, and support for global vaccination efforts.

Republican senators have suggested that the administration channel the $1.9 trillion in pandemic law money to the right areas rather than forcing Congress to spend billions of new funds.

  • Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, said on Friday that current stocks of monoclonal antibodies would run out by May. And stocks of oral antivirals would run out by September without new purchases. “This is an urgent request,” she said.
  • A breakdown of spending on Covid-related merchandise. Such as testing, vaccines, and treatments given to Congress by the Biden administration and received by The New York Times. Showed that almost all existing funds were spent or allocated under signed contracts. And any remaining funds were spent. . was allocated. The administration has provided some details about its new Covid. Spending plans in a letter to Congress on Wednesday.
  • The funding dispute flares up as the White House tries to implement the plans. It says is necessary for the country’s efforts to return to a semblance of normality.
  • Hundreds of pharmacies and other healthcare facilities were poised to launch a “test-to-cure” program this week. Allowing people to get tested for the coronavirus and. If the results are positive, walk away with free antiviral pills, administration officials said.

Last week, This was reported by the Ministry of Defense STAT.

That it will exercise options on the contract to buy more of Pfizer’s antiviral treatment. Known as Paxlovid, as soon as funding becomes available, the White House also said Americans. Who has already received a package of four free home coronavirus tests from the government? Will be eligible to place a second coronavirus order this week. covidtests.gov. The number of new cases of the virus in the United States has plummeted in recent weeks, but on average more than 1,500 Americans still die from the virus each day.

There are also indications that a special version of the micron variant,

Which is even more contagious than the one that swept through the United States this winter, is becoming more common, and by the end of February, its proportion of sequenced cases in the United States had risen to about 8 percent. But overall, the number of cases is declining, and the vaccines appear to be just as effective against the Omicron sub-variant, which does not appear to be more severe. Biden administration officials hope to include $22.5 billion in coronavirus aid, along with humanitarian and military aid for Ukraine, in a vast, comprehensive spending package that will fund the government through the end of the fiscal year. Congress has until March 11, when the funding expires, to work out the details of the deal.

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