A Horse Person’s Very Detailed Review Of Elden Ring’s Horse

Last year, I absolutely enjoyed the discoveries mane quest website dedicated to almost all the way to horses in video games. With ancient rings now that horseback riding is featured prominently, I wanted to check if they had any thoughts on the amount in the game, and I was not disappointed.

Website-run by game designer and horse lover Alice Ruppert.– a light-hearted, but at the same time deeply practical approach to the subject, and this ancient ring review is no different. Instead of looking at the game itself, he just looks at Torrent – as well as some of the other mounts in the game – and explores how “realistic” their animations and controls are. IN the ancient ring, however, they are not quite horses but the review is a bit different.

graven the magical foundations of the game, most just great:\

Mane Quest problems, in the end, to be somewhere, I didn’t even notice them, but now I can’t unsee them: Torrent looks like a horse, but the legs bend like a goat:

Now let’s move on to what I don’t like: Torrent’s joints. Our goat horse unfortunately suffers from two very common problems: overly bent forelegs and absolutely stiff fetlocks. At this point, I feel like I’ve broken the record because I’ve pointed this out in many games, but the horse’s fetlocks should drop as they carry weight.

We can try to explain this by pretending that Torrent is more of a goat than a horse, or at least a mixture of both: judging by the footage of the goats walking, their shins do indeed remain fairly straight. Since Torrent’s legs look significantly more equine than uh… CapricornI don’t really like this excuse. Moreover, there are actually other non-goat horses are in this game as enemy mounts and they tend to have the same problem.

Although aesthetically unpleasing, it at least makes sense: goat legs may look odd, but they Work.

…after playing the game longer, I realized that the choice is at least partially understandable in terms of gameplay – in a game like ancient ringwhere accuracy and timing are critical against any enemy, your mount’s uneven movement can be enough to prevent you from using it during combat.

Meaning: I receive why fluid movement was more important than equine realism.

I would also like to imagine that at some point in Elden Ring the design process someone said “maybe the player needs a horse” and someone else said “not fucked up enough, it must be a horse with goat legs” and everyone nodded.

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