Actual human being beats Elden Ring in under an hour

Among the other feats, he enjoys is a trick that renders the Godskin Aristocrat inactive if you enter the misty gate from the maximum distance.
Streamer chose Samurai as his starting class due to the bleeding damage of the katana before switching to Icerind’s Axe. The reason is a skill that is incredibly useful for killing bosses:[it] does not scale with your stats like regular attacks; its damage is almost entirely dependent on what upgrade level your weapon is at, writes LilAggy. “So I can just reset all of my HP and FP level-ups without losing a significant amount of damage.”
Streamer believes that times under 50 minutes should be possible, although this may depend on how quickly FromSoftware fixes some exploits that definitely shouldn’t be in the game. In any case: what an achievement.

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