Advance Wars 1+2 Reboot Camp for Switch delayed amid Russia-Ukraine war

Nintendo delayed the release of the Switch game Frontline wars 1+2:

Refresh Boot Camp Wednesday, referring to “recent world events” – an unmistakable reference to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The remastered remake of the first two Advance Wars games was due out on the Nintendo Switch on April 8th. “In light of recent events in the world, we have decided to postpone Advance Wars 1+2. New boot camp which was originally scheduled to release on the Nintendo Switch on April 8th.” Nintendo announced this on their Twitter account. “Please stay tuned for updates on the new release date.”

The delay on Nintendo’s game – the second game – makes sense despite the colorful. Cartoony presentation of early Advance Wars games. Players engage in turn-based combat using infantry, artillery, and vehicles such as tanks and helicopters to defeat enemies and take control of cities and armories. While Switch remakes Frontline wars, as well as Frontline Wars 2, received an E 10+ rating from the Entertainment Software Ratings Board for moderate violence, the games seem out of place for release in the current climate from Nintendo’s point of view.

In late February, Russian troops entered Ukraine from the east and north, through neighboring Belarus.

Since then, fighting has intensified, resulting in hundreds of deaths. The large-scale attack adds over 14,000 killed in eastern Ukraine since the start of the 2014 conflict with Russia. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians leave the country as refugees, according to the Kyiv Independenteven as many citizens, including game developers in the region, hold their ground to fight the Russian army.

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