Alice: Madness Returns is back on Steam after a 5 year absence

Madness: Alice Returns, the second game in American McGee’s wonderfully twisted adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, is finally back. on Steam almost six years later.

The game was originally taken off Valve’s customer list sometime in late 2016 due to some review issues from EA. Even though the game was available on Origin all along, people were still eager to have it in their Steam library. During his absence, the keys were sold at a variety of prices, some of which were as high as $200. It looks like the game is back on sale February 28th, with one Steam Overview celebrating the return of the game, I wrote, “I literally spent over $100 just to play this game (while it was discontinued), only to have it come back cheaper. But was it worth it? Yes”.

I never managed to finish Madness Returns on my own, but what I played in my time was very enjoyable. It’s a bit rough around the edges, and the platforming can be disappointing, but it’s fantastically moody and a lot of fun. Logan Decker gave the game an 82 in his review of Alice: Madness Returns, writing, “Even in its darkest moments, Madness Returns delivers with magical grace and beauty – even Alice’s vigorous pirouettes from one platform to another shed leaves of blue and teal.” This is the true triumph of Madness Returns: you can erase the dialogue and narrative in the game, and the insane scenery and gorgeous visuals tell a mesmerizing story on their own.”

It’s been over a decade since Madness Returns was released, and the series has remained largely dormant until recently. Last year, American McGee released a comprehensive content pack for the third game in the series, and earlier this year, it was announced that an Alice series written by David Hayter is currently in the works.


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