AMC Will Charge More For The Batman Tickets

The day before The Batman finally hits theaters, AMC Theaters announced that the film would be part of a variable price experiment that would push ticket prices up. According to Entertainment WeeklyAMC charges an additional $1.50 for adult tickets to The Batman in Los Angeles.

The experiment was announced by AMC Theaters CEO Adam Aron during an earnings call stating that admission to The Batman would take place (as transcribed Diversity) at a price “slightly higher than prices … for other films that are playing in the same theaters at the same time.” Aron adds: “This is all pretty new in the United States, but in fact, AMC has been doing it in our European theaters for years… Indeed, in Europe, we charge a premium for the best seats in the theater, like almost everyone. all other ticket sellers in other industries such as sporting events, concerts, and live performances.”

However, timing is likely to draw fans’ ire as this announcement comes just hours after the film’s release, which has been repeatedly delayed, and as the COVID-19 situation in North America has clearly begun to improve. It was also the beginning of the change George Lucas and Steven Spielberg signaled were coming to Hollywood a decade ago. At a panel on the film industry, Lucas warned in 2013: “What [we’re] going to end up with fewer theatres. Big theatres, with lots of nice stuff. Going to the movies will cost you 50 bucks, maybe 100. Maybe 150. And that will be what we call the “movie business.” But everything else will be more like cable TV on TiVo.”

The Batman hits theaters on March 3rd, and early reviews show critics are polarized so far. Mason Downey of GameSpot gave the film a 6/10 in our Batman review.

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