An early Elden Ring chest is sending players straight to hell

Elden Ring has a handy feature that guides players through a suggested critical path using beams of light coming out of checkpoints. If you’re new to Souls games, it’s much safer to follow this path than what my friend did. You see, my friend started wandering carefree as soon as he was allowed, opened a random treasure chest, and then went to hell.

Mild Elden Ring spoilers ahead: It’s a fun discovery to make on your own, but it’s also a harsh area to get to immediately. Read on if you want to avoid this.

Seriously, just minutes from the Elden Ring starting area, there’s a treasure chest that will literally kidnap you and take you somewhere else. Once you’re there, you can’t quickly return to cozy Limgrave until you fight (or run) through a particularly nasty little cave. I decided to poke a bear and check it out myself, but I wasn’t prepared for how damn evil the enemies here are.

Where to find the locked chest

If you are wondering where this nasty chest awaits you, then this place is called Dragonburnt Ruins. It is located to the west of Limgrave’s first grace spot, submerged in some kind of vile water up to the ankles. The ruins themselves are deceptively simple. The only enemies you’ll encounter here are idle torch-wielding zombies, a few vicious dogs, and dumb rats. It represents such an easy win that it feels like a tutorial for the many hidden Elden Ring dungeons. This is the Dragonburnt Ruins, and on the left, you will enter Limgrave for the first time. (Image credit: FromSoftware)

At the foot of the stairs, behind the room infested with rats, lies your chest with the “prize”. Open it and a cloud of smoke will engulf your body, representing a “transporter trap”.

Then you find yourself in a wild cave called Sellia’s Crystal Tunnel. I’ll skip the details, but know that a bunch of rocky jerks will come after you. You can’t get away quickly until you leave this cave, so you’ll have to fight, run, or sneak (although stealth will probably only last a minute). The problem with combat is that most of the enemies are blade resistant as far as I can tell – my samurai katana’s blows kept bouncing until I switched to two-handed mode.

If you go down the hill, you won’t have to go far to find the place of grace. From there, you can venture outside the cave to be greeted by a fresh hell that only FromSoftware could come up with called Calydus. It is somewhat similar to an underwater reef but evil. Once you see it, you will finally be allowed to enter your card and quickly leave. Considering how much trouble those rock boys have given me, I think I’ll be avoiding this Bladorn-like dimension until my samurai gets a little stronger. This is basically how I’ve been doing From games since Dark Souls 2, but Elden Ring’s sandbox map makes it a little easier to accidentally end up where I probably shouldn’t be. That’s why it’s good that I can usually go to any bonfire – ahem, a place of grace where I was at any time.

Trap chests aren’t the only way to screw up at the start of Elden Ring. There is also an NPC you should definitely meet early on or miss out on an important battle weapon.

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