Anniversary: The Nintendo Switch Is Now 5 Years Old

Image: Nintendo Life

well, it’s official, Nintendo’s humble and adorable little hybrid, the Switch, is five years old. If you’re in Japan, Australia, or equivalent time zones, that is.

We have holiday content for this milestone anniversary though it will be released our March 3 as most of Our team is located in Europe and North America. Consider this our confirmation that we understand how time zones work.

The Switch deserves a party, too, especially given Nintendo’s position prior to its launch. The Wii U struggled commercially—failed, to put it bluntly—and the 3DS struggled and fought its way to respectability. By moving to a hybrid approach with a handheld console, Nintendo took a chance and put its figurative eggs in one basket. Five years later, it was clear that the move had indeed paid off, as the system still worked and had already outsold the Wii’s lifetime sales.

In Japan, as this anniversary post is actually about, the system continues to dominate the weekly sales charts for both software and hardware. The Nintendo Switch has sold over 24 million units in its home country alone.

So we raise our glasses to the Nintendo Switch; we just hope she’s surprised when we do. Real celebrations in the coming days.

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