Aperture Desk Job Is a New, Free Portal Spin-Off

Surprise! Valve woke up this morning and decided to announce a brand new game that isn’t Half-Life 3. Instead, it’s called Aperture Desk Job, a free-to-play short film made specifically for Steam Deck.

Aperture Desk Job is, according to Valve, a rethinking of the “walking simulator” genre in favor of “an endorphin-soaked world where you sit still behind things.” you play as an entry-level employee of Aperture Science (a very complex organization at the heart of Half-Life and Portal) whose job it is to review products. It’s unclear exactly what all of this entails in the game itself, but the trailer does imply some sort of explosions. The game is specifically made to showcase the Steam Deck, which officially launched today, although it’s also available on Steam for PC. It’s kind of a walkthrough of the device’s controls and features, “though not as boring as it sounds,” according to Valve. It follows in the footsteps of Half-Life: Alyx in its availability as a free-to-play game on Valve’s new hardware, although it exudes an atmosphere more like Aperture Hand Labs in its status as an obvious tech showcase with personality.

Steam Deck Images

The Aperture Desk Job will be available for free on Steam starting March 1st. Meanwhile, the Steam Deck itself was launched today. We have our unfinished handheld review as well as a look at Elden Ring (also released today) running on the device.

Rebecca Valentine is a news reporter for IGN. You can find her on Twitter @duckvalentine.


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