Apple Arcade March 2022 Update: Monument Valley 2 Joins The Arcade

The March 2022 Apple Arcade lineup has been revealed, and a major game has joined the service for the first time. Monument Valley 2+ will be added to Apple Arcade on March 11 as part of the App Store Greats lineup, bringing a critically acclaimed sequel to Arcade subscribers. The game follows a mother and child duo as they find hidden paths through stylized buildings in a mind-bending puzzle game. Monument Valley 2+ will include the full game and a new chapter, The Lost Forest, created in collaboration with Playing For The Planet’s Green Game Jam.

Another new addition to the App Store Great is Shadow Blade+, an action-platformer featuring ninjas and samurai in a modern setting. Players will run and slash obstacles and enemies as they fight to save the world from being consumed by darkness and chaos. Shadow Blade+ will release on March 4th.

One brand new game will be added to Apple Arcade this month: Alto’s Adventure: The Spirit of the Mountain, a remaster of 2015’s Alto’s Adventure. Games such as Taiko no Tatsujin: Pop Tap Beat, Disney Melee Mania, and Solitaire Stories will be updated this month.

The full list of Apple Arcade March updates is below.

Apple Arcade March 2022

New games coming out this month

The Best of App Stores

  • Shadow Blade+ (March 4)
    • Shadow Blade is an action-platformer set in a vibrant visual world where ancient ninja and samurai teachings collide with a modern landscape. Players will race through stages littered with traps, killing enemies in their path as the ninja Kuro without hesitation. Darkness and chaos are creeping into the world again. A covenant made in an almost forgotten time has failed, and now the three clans are in a fierce struggle for dominance. The medallion is almost assembled again and falls on Kuro’s shoulders to regain his balance. All his training has led to this moment when the fate of the world will be in his hands.
  • Monument Valley 2+ (March 11)
    • The acclaimed adventure game Monument Valley 2 is coming to Apple Arcade. Winning Game Awards Best Mobile Game of 2017, Monument Valley 2 presents an intimate adventure in a beautiful and impossible world. Players will guide a mother and her child on a journey through magical architecture, discovering illusory paths and delightful puzzles while learning the secrets of sacred geometry. Help Ro as she teaches her child about the secrets of the valley while exploring the stunning scenery and manipulating the architecture to guide them along the way. The arcade version now includes a brand new “Lost Forest” chapter created as part of the Playing for the Planet’s Green Game Jam initiative to raise awareness of tree conservation.

Original arcade

  • Alto’s Adventure: Spirit of the Mountain (March 25)
    • Join Alto and his friends on an endless snowboarding odyssey. Travel through the beautiful alpine hills of their native wilderness, through sleepy neighboring villages, ancient forests, and long-abandoned ruins in search of the Spirit of the Mountain. Along the way, players will rescue escaped llamas, break open rooftops, jump over terrifying chasms, and outsmart village elders as they challenge the ever-changing elements and uncover secrets long hidden deep in the mountains.

New Content Updates Launching This Month

  • Solitaire
    • Actor and comedian Ben Schwartz will make his vocal debut with Solitaire Stories this month. Telling the story from the perspective of eccentric art historian Ari Artman, Schwartz takes players on a “special” tour as they pass through the Museum of Fine Art Truly. As Schwartz says, “It’s better than warming Snuggi by the fireplace.” True to the quirky character style that Schwartz is known for, players will encounter several twists and turns along the way. Click here to see the new trailer featuring Schwartz.
  • Disney hand-to-hand mania
    • New champions Maleficent, Beast, and Meiling Lee from Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red will be joining the game this month. The update also brings a new game mode, Orb Blast, and new arena additions called Contraptions. The gadgets will allow players to move even faster than before but can slow players down if they go the wrong way.
  • Taiko no Tatsujin Pop Tap Beat
    • The game adds the viral sensation Baby Shark to their roster of songs, and it will be sung by Nonoka Murakata (Nono-chan), who won a silver award in one of Japan’s most famous nursery rhyme competitions. She is the youngest child in history to receive an award there at the age of two. “Baby Shark” by Nono-chan will also be available on Apple Music later this month.
  • Other games to be updated in March:
    • Skate City
    • Spire explosion
    • Lego Star Wars Battles
    • Transformers: Tactical Arena
    • Simon’s Cat – Story Time
    • Cut the Rope remastering
    • Bit Tetris
    • PAC-MAN Royal Party

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