Arcane: League of Legends Creator Buys a Stake in Animation Studio

Riot Games, creator of League of Legends, has bought a “significant non-controlling interest” in the animation studio behind Netflix’s Arcane.

Riot Games has solidified its long-standing partnership with Fortiche Production, the animation studio behind Arcane, with a new equity investment that will see the League of Legends developer and publisher take on a “non-controlling interest and board advisory role” in the company. after a recent collaboration on the hit Netflix series.

“Various collaborations with Riot Games, and especially with Arcane, have made Fortiche Production a new major player in the international animation scene,” Fortiche’s co-founders said. “Riot Games, by trusting us, has given us the means to achieve our shared ambitions and shown that it is possible to offer new content that can reach a large audience. In 2023, we will celebrate a decade of cooperation: there is no better way to symbolize the trust and ambition of our two companies than this association!”


Netflix League of Legends: Arcane Skins




“Fortiche has been an integral partner for a long time, but this agreement ensures that we will work closely together for decades,” said Nicolo Laurent, CEO of Riot. “We hold the bar high for everyone we work with and insist that they have a deep understanding of the players and relentlessly focus on them, and from day one Fortiche has been exemplary of Player Experience First. As proud as we are of Arcane, we know the best is yet to come.”

Arkan quickly became the number one streaming show on Netflix when it premiered in November and held the top spot for three consecutive weeks. IGN’s review of Arcane gave it a rare score of 10/10, saying “Arcane is the first video game adaptation that truly is a masterpiece that breaks new ground for television animation.”


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