As Fires Rage, Survivors Struggle to Find Care


New York Times: “Climatologists warn of ‘global wildfire crisis’.” “Build Back Better” has hit a wall, but climate action can move forward.

  • National Fire Protection Association: “2020 U.S. Fire Losses,” “Home Fires with Ten or More Deaths.”
  • CNN: “Survivors of California’s deadliest wildfire are now helping other survivors pick up the pieces.”
  • American Red Cross: “Colorado Fires: Red Cross Supports Victims.”
  • City of New York: “Mayor Adams and the New York City Mayor’s Foundation Announce Relief for Bronx Tenement Fire Victims.”
  • Twitter: @gothamesq January 10, 2022
  • National Public Radio: “Bronx Raised Cardi B Offers to Pay Fire Victims Funeral Expenses.”
  • Amy Acton, CEO of the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors.
  • The keeper: “What the numbers tell us about a catastrophic wildfire year.”
  • ScienceDaily: Increasing wildfires linked to anthropogenic climate change.
  • Royal Society Blog: “Global Wildfire Trends and Consequences”.

US Fire Department: “What is WUI?”

  • Press Release, US Forest Service Northern Research Station: “Most California fires occur at the intersection of wilderness and cities with less fuel and more people.”
  • Bloomberg: “More Americans are moving to fire-prone areas.”
  • American Burns Association: “Burns Fact Sheet.”
  • Stephen Sandoval, MD, Associate Professor of Surgery; medical director of the Suffolk County Volunteer Firefighters Burn Center, Stony Brook University Hospital.
  • KGO-TV San Francisco: “9 months later campfire survivor dies due to complications from third-degree burns.”
  • University of Rochester Medical Center: “Prevention of contractures after a burn.”
  • Lisa Ray, MD, Associate Professor of Surgery, Temple University Lewis Katz School of Medicine; Director, Temple Burn Center, Temple University Hospital.
  • University of Denver News: “Q&A: Injury after the Marshall fire.”
  • NBC News: “12 Philadelphia residential fire victims mourned at a mass funeral.”
  • Knowledge Translation Center for Model Systems: “Burn Injury Model Center Handbook,” “Recognizing the Long-Term Consequences of Burns as a Chronic Disease.”
  • National Center for Data and Statistics Burn Model System: “Burn Model System Summary Report.”
  • Jeffrey S. Schneider, MD, Program Director, Boston-Harvard Burn Injury Modeling System; Medical Director of Trauma, Burns and Orthopedic Rehabilitation at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Boston.
  • Providence Journal: “The fire at the station, 15 years later: survivors tell their stories.”

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