Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Valkyrie Arena guide

If you’re looking for some strength-boosting activity, you should check out the Karoo the Valkyrie in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok. Kara’s domain houses the Valkyrie Arena, where Xavi can test his abilities against a range of challenging enemies. This is part of the Heroic Scholar quest, where you can find scrolls of Gaefulace’s deeds in Svartalfheim. By finding his stories, you unlock certain sitreps for your battles called boasts, so let’s see how you can get started in the Valkyrie Arena.

How to find Kara’s Domain and Valkyrie Arena

Finding scrolls of the Heroic Saga is as easy as finding artifacts – white dots on the navigation bar – around Svartalfheim. In Dawn of Ragnarok, these are either tattoos, raw gems, or scrolls of a heroic saga. Finding the scroll unlocks Boast in the arena. They act just like the skulls in Halo – they basically offer you some sort of debuff, like drunk start and get drunker when you heal yourself. Finding your first scroll unlocks the arena itself. But first, you need to find it.

Kara’s domain is hidden in the mountains in the Svaladal region on the map, north of Irkyandi Miln. Once you find him, talk to her and you will need to choose a story that will determine which enemy you will face. The more quests you complete in the main game, Asgard, Jotunheim, and Svartalfheim, the more stories you unlock.

How to start a battle in the Valkyrie Arena

If you don’t have many tales to choose from, you can let Kara choose for you. Each story has a few skulls next to it detailing how difficult the fights are, so be prepared. There are various mushrooms and bodies with abilities in the area, so you can prepare quite well before each fight.

By choosing a story, you will be able to choose your boasts. There are 12 heroic sagas to be found in Svartalfheim, so there are 12 boasts to choose from. Repeating the same brags with the same story will earn a small reward, so make it more poignant to keep Kara interested. Then head to the arena to fight.

Valkyrie Arena Rewards

By earning tokens from Kara, you will be able to purchase rewards. Along with cool runes and dwarf hairstyles, you’ll be able to unlock:

  • Allfather Armor Set
  • Aesir Eyebrow
  • Shield of the Allfather Guardian

The coolest reward to date – and it only costs 200 tokens – is the Dwarf Beard. It’s a big thick beard with charms, and it’s glad. Unfortunately, only the male Eivor can wear it, but you can buy it as the female Eivor.

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