Atari Acquires Video Game Database MobyGames For $1.5 Million

In the latest in a long line of corporate takeovers, this is admittedly much smaller, but significant nonetheless: Atari acquired MobyGames for 1.5 million dollars. MobyGames is a respected and well-known video game database that has stored media information dating back to the 1950s. It’s a time capsule with thousands and thousands of resources. Including data on virtually every Nintendo release as well as releases on dozens of platforms.

Atari CEO Wade Rosen had this to say about the purchase:

“The MobyGames community plays a resilient and important role in documenting. Celebrating and preserving video games, and MobyGames’ support allows us to honor. The community and contribute to its growth and success.” “It’s important to Atari that MobyGames maintains all of its integrity, and we’re committed to maintaining. The site in a way that makes it a better experience for members and users alike.”

It’s a bit more of a surprise purchase than other recent major acquisitions in the industry, but Jeremiah Freigoltz, general manager of MobyGames, who will thankfully retain his position on the website, is bullish on the purchase:

“In Atari, MobyGames has found a partner that will provide the investment and support needed. To complete long-planned improvements to the site. I am confident that this transition will allow MobyGames to continue to be an important community-driven project. And that Atari’s involvement will best ensure our long-term stability and success.”

Atari’s unconvincing forays into new retro-styled hardware

And other less gaming-focused areas of business in recent years may give the MobyGames community pause. We hope that the database will continue to be a valuable resource for enthusiasts around the world and that Atari will keep its promise to maintain the site and improve the user experience.

These takeovers become something of a thing, don’t they? How do you feel about this latest acquisition? Let us know about it in the comments.

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