“Audacious” Zombie Army 4: Dead War Switch Port Has Been A “Nightmare” For Rebellion

Image: Uprising

Switch port for Zombie Army 4: Dead War set to release on April 26th, but that doesn’t mean the process of porting the game to a Nintendo console was particularly easy for developer Rebellion.

In conversation with GamesIndustryBiz (thanks, GoNintendo!), studio head Arden Aspinall stated that the game would be the team’s “boldest port” but stressed that porting it to the Switch proved particularly difficult due to the console’s limited storage:

“The first thing was to just launch it on the platform: I mean it’s a huge game, it made the most of everything on PS4 and Xbox, so with our three and a half gigabytes of available memory, this thing is in memory [was] nightmare.”

As a result, the team will quickly notice performance issues:

“That’s when we started to realize how many performance issues we had because we logged in and saw framerate drops.”

Since the game was being developed at the same time as the PS4 and Xbox One versions, the team also needed to implement all existing updates to the Switch version, as well as take into account those that have not yet been released.

The team behind the port has previously worked on the excellent Sniper Elite 4, so we hope Rebellion’s work brings a good experience to Switch owners. Will you be picking up Zombie Army 4: Dead War on April 26th? Let us know below.

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