Aztech Forgotten Gods Review (Switch eShop)

However, unlike Shadow of the Colossus, Aztech: Forgotten Gods has a small cast of characters that assist Ahtli in her quest. Basically, her mother Nanqing pops up frequently during the game’s story, providing context (and often a bunch of exposition) for the danger engulfing the city. We wish the game had full voice acting, but instead, every character is completely silent, except for a brief hum or coo that precedes each line of dialogue. In any case, it’s nice to have at least a few faces to interact with, even if the frequency of their appearance is a bit disappointing.

The city itself is surprisingly huge, with decent visual variety, including dense urban settlements, rural landscapes, and even a volcanic mountain. The problem, however, is that despite the obvious efforts to make the city aesthetically appealing, it is an environment where everything is stylish and has No substance. There are very few NPCs roaming the land, and chances are you won’t run into any of them as you move from one area to another, so the city seems completely lifeless as a result. This creates an impression that feels rather outdated overall, a problem exacerbated when the game forces you to fly from one end of the map to the other multiple times.

However, once you do, it’s just a case of you going back to pressing buttons to slowly drain their health.

In some cases, even the Forgotten Gods themselves will interfere with the action, creating a battle that quickly turns into chaos – and not in a good way. Ironically, we suspect that in an attempt to make the game more accessible, Ahtli will automatically move towards an enemy if you press the attack button within a certain radius; at the same time, however, the camera simply cannot keep up with what is happening, and the whole spectacle quickly turns into a confused mess.

Outside of combat, you have a few extra things to keep you busy. There are three shops in the city center that you can visit anywhere. First of all, we highly recommend playing this game in docked mode if you can; upscaling here makes the visuals at least bearable and things can sometimes look pretty good. sheer. Even the slower gameplay moments look pretty ugly, but when you get into fast-paced combat sections, it’s a complete mess; we had a very hard time understanding what was going on half the time.


On the plus side, the game is artistically pleasing, with well-crafted enemies and a city that at least provides some nice visual variety. In terms of gameplay, however, it’s all a bit of a mess, with bad combat mechanics and a stupid camera causing too much trouble than it’s worth. Minor distractions in the form of a cosmetic tweak turn out to be a nice touch, but unfortunately Aztech: Forgotten Gods’ core gameplay is just way below par, making this an action game you’ll probably want to sit out.

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