Back 4 Blood Tunnels Of Terror Expansion Release Date Revealed As Game Hits 10 Million Players

Turtle Rock Studios has announced that Back 4 Blood’s first major expansion, Tunnels of Terror, will be released on April 12, and the studio has also shared a huge amount of new players in the game.

Back 4 Blood has been played by more than 10 million people so far, according to publisher Warner Bros., and is the best-selling new console intellectual property of 2021. However, the game didn’t necessarily sell as many copies as Back 4 Blood is available through Xbox Game Pass. However, this is a very large number.

As for the Tunnels of Terror expansion, it’s included in the Back 4 Blood Ultimate and Deluxe Editions, as well as the Annual Pass. Players can also pick it up themselves, although the price has not been confirmed. The Tunnels of Terror expansion adds, among other things, Ridden Hives PvE activity, new playable cleaners, and Ridden, as well as additional cosmetic items for characters and weapons.

In Ridden Hives, players team up to explore seven different dungeons that are overrun with enemies called the Warped Ridden. The new Cleaners are Sharis (and an ax-wielding fireman) and Heng (a “serious restaurateur”). In addition, Back 4 Blood will have a No Hope super-hard difficulty level alongside Tunnels of Terror, although it will be free and available to everyone.

In addition, Turtle Rock has confirmed that only one player per group needs to purchase Tunnels of Terror in order for everyone to play. The company has also stated that no microtransactions of any type or form will be added to Back 4 Blood in this new addition.

As for the 10 million player milestone for Back 4 Blood, Turtle Rock boss Steve Goldstein said it was a “historic milestone” for the studio and the game.

Following the launch of Back 4 Blood in 2021, Turtle Rock was acquired by Tencent as part of the Chinese internet giant’s ongoing and growing expansion.

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