Bandai Namco Gives Its Japanese Staff A Nice Pay Rise

Image: Bandai Namco

We’ve all heard plenty of stories about bad working conditions for those in the video game industry – perhaps most recently Team17 – so it’s great to see companies taking positive action to improve the lives of the people who make the games we love.
Bandai Namco has increased the base salary of its Japanese employees as part of its larger “Connect with the Fans” initiative. The publisher said it would increase its employees’ monthly earnings by 50,000 yen ($435), bringing their base monthly salary up from 232,000 yen ($2,000) to 290,000 yen ($2,500).
The publisher hopes the change will “enhance productivity by stabilizing employee income.” This is supposed to help encourage the “active participation” of its staff in the implementation of the concept of “Communicate with the fans”; we suspect this is a fancy way of saying they want to reduce turnover.
In addition, Bandai Namco is also introducing a new “Work-Based Activity” scheme that allows employees to choose the time and place they would like to work. The move is in line with other major publishers that have introduced permanent work-from-home programs in the wake of Covid-19.
Both schemes are due to launch for employees in April 2022.

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