Batman ARG Website Seemingly Teasing Sequel Plotline

The Riddler might target

The Caped Crusader with his riddles in Matt Reeves’ Batman, but the film’s end credits tease that the quixotic quizmaster has a few for us too. Now those mysteries have been solved, and they seem to point to what we might see in the unannounced but seemingly inevitable sequel (via IGN). Possible spoilers for The Batman follow.

At a critical moment in Batman, Riddler points the old bats and his good friend James Gordon to Of course, with a story like that, a fictional website would never just be a fictional website, and in fact, the page offered fans a few mysteries to solve. However, along with the riddles comes a secret message written in the Riddler’s cipher filled with question marks. Now Reddit user /u/vengeance22 has deciphered the letter, which reads:

“You think I’m done, but maybe you don’t know the whole truth. Every end is a new beginning. Something is coming.”

Of course, this seems to point to a sequel to the movie in which the Riddler appears as a recurring character, just like in the movie’s final scene. But also of interest is the list of what initially looks like the IP addresses used on the traceroute command line. These aren’t IP addresses at all, but actual dates and issue numbers in Batman’s 80-year history., for example, refers to Detective Comics #27, published May 1939. Subsequent numbers refer to the introduction of Catwoman, Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Carmine Falcone, and Alfred Pennyworth.

The last address refers to the release date of Batman, but the penultimate address. This points to – a fake website due to the use of the .gov extension – refers to Batman. No. 258, published October 1974. In this comic, Two-Face breaks out of Arkham Asylum. According to IGN, this is the first appearance of Arkham Asylum itself. Some fans have speculated that in the second film, Two-Face could be one of Batman’s adversaries. However, with all the other dates referring to the first appearance, it seems more likely that Arkham himself is the reason for the listing.

Batman’s final scene features

the Riddler and another prisoner (almost certainly the Joker), shown only in partial profile, talking about the Riddler’s defeat and the possibility of working together. In addition, the HBO Max spin-off series for Batman has recently “evolved” from a show about the Gotham cops into a series about Arkham Asylum itself. So while this is a teaser, there is not enough here to draw any conclusions that it can be said. It could be a nod to a sequel or spin-off or just the idea that Arkham is an integral part of the Batman mythos.

Batman performed more than well enough at the box office to warrant a sequel. Be sure to read our in-depth look at the movie’s ending and why we want to see Batman explore some of the Dark Knight’s unfamiliar villains live.

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