Battlefield 2042 Devs Say Future Maps Will Be Smaller in Response to ‘Walking Sim’ Complaints

DICE, developer of Battlefield 2042, is fixing issues with their “walking simulator” maps, but not until summer 2022.

In the developer Blog post, DICE solved a number of issues with the card’s design. It states that it takes too long to travel between points of interest, an issue frequently noted by players, is the result of 128-player matches.

“We’ve seen you use terms like ‘walking simulator’ to describe how it feels in the game,” the post reads. “We understand that this is not a very pleasant experience, and we agree that the total travel time is too long.”

Battlefield 2042 Map Updates

The team plans to fix this by moving the base spawn point and flags closer together, focusing primarily on the Kaleidoscope map. The updated version will be released during the first season of Battlefield 2042, which was recently delayed until summer 2022, meaning it could be more than a year before all seven maps are fixed.

DICE has provided before and after images (above) to show players what the updated maps could look like, although it has made it clear that it is still gathering feedback, so these plans are subject to change.

He also said that his maps have too many wide-open flat spaces that allow snipers to kill players from a distance with no real protection. DICE plans to remedy this by providing “more opportunities to hide from the enemy as you move from target to target.”

According to the developer, problems also exist in small spaces since there are no real paths to the objectives that allow for balanced firefights between defenders and attackers. According to the developer, instead, enemy fire comes from all directions, so he is working on implementing more defined paths.

128-player matches have also resulted in chaotic matches, especially in Breakthrough, so DICE is considering reducing the number of players to 64, among other solutions such as reducing the number of vehicles that spawn.

DICE has stated that all of these issues will be fixed when map updates are released and is already implementing “healthier behavior” into maps that will come later as DLC.

Battlefield 2042 has had a rough three months since its November launch, with publisher EA recently admitting it fell short of expectations, prompting over 220,000 players to petition for their money back.

Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelancer who occasionally tweets @thelastdinsdale.

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