Battlefield 2042 Map Design Improvements Announced

Battlefield 2042 has quite a few map design changes. DICE Blog Post. DICE has identified five map issues it wants to improve, including Traversal, Intensity, Line of Sight, Paths, and Cover. For all of these design elements, DICE wants player feedback to help guide the direction of change.

  • Bypass– In response to player complaints that the game feels like a “walking simulator” due to the large distance between the flags, DICE aims to position the base and flags in a way that improves gameplay.
  • IntensityDICE has identified Breakthrough 128’s player modes as potentially too chaotic, especially given the number of players and vehicles. The developers are “reconsidering whether it makes sense to keep Breakthrough as 128 players versus 64, or if we think reducing the total number of vehicles that can spawn ensures their presence isn’t as overwhelming.”
  • line of sight— Referring to how often players are targeted by enemies at a distance, line-of-sight design improvements will create more obstacles to hide behind. “We feel and heard from you that there are currently too many open and flat spaces on some of our maps,” DICE said. The long-term goal is also to reduce the prevalence of long-range combat.
  • Ways— DICE also plans to create more defined paths between objectives to keep gameplay “combat-focused.”
  • coatings for the line-of-sight issue, DICE wants to add more places to dodge enemy fire and, where necessary, reduce wide open spaces.

These are ambitious map design changes, and DICE says it will not be able to implement these changes on all maps at the same time. While DICE has already incorporated the above card design qualities into new cards under development, it will start by updating older cards in order of need. DICE will start with Kaleidoscope in Conquest and Breakthrough modes, with the new Kaleidoscope map due out in time for Season 1.

DICE has repeatedly stressed on its blog that it is waiting for player feedback, so if you have a lot of thoughts on how you can improve the gameplay, now is your chance to shine.

Since its launch, EA’s Battlefield 2042 has undergone a tumultuous release. Players noted the number of bugs present and were generally dissatisfied with the game, going so far as to create a petition asking for a refund of the cost of the game. However, DICE is actively working on making changes; the latest update is aimed at improving the balance of the game. The first season was also delayed due to DICE having to make “some big decisions” regarding live support for Battlefield 2042 and will now likely release in early summer 2022.

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