Battlefield 2042 maps getting reworked, DICE adding smaller ones

After a difficult start-up period for Battlefield, 2042developer DICE informed players about the key design changes for its shooter in a Thursday morning blog post. The studio says it has found some pain points in all Battlefield 2042‘s – although these issues are more noticeable on some maps than others – and revealed changes coming in the first season to help address the issues, as well as plans for smaller maps in the future.

In its study, DICE claims to have found problems with avoidance, intensity, line of sight, paths, and cover in Battlefield 2042cards. The game maps are too big and the task areas are too scattered. It takes too long for players to move from their base to the nearest target, resulting in a long movement time. “We’ve seen you use terms like ‘Walking Simulator’ to describe what it feels like in a game,” the developer said. “We understand that this is not fun, and we agree that the total travel time is too long.”

However, in combat, things can become too intense due to the number of players and vehicles swarming around. DICE has said it is looking to reduce the number of players in certain modes, specifically Breakthrough, which will likely have 64 players. It is also considering removing the number of vehicles players have access to.

The studio will move certain bases and targets closer together. As you can see in the image below, the attack groups in the first sector are much closer together in the prototype layout, and the attackers will start on the same side of the map as the target. This should help concentrate players in the target area and reduce the time it takes to move from base to attack points. Cover and line-of-sight issues play into each other, and DICE shows that players are often trapped in large areas without much protection. This forces most of the combat in the game to be fought at longer ranges than the studio intends, so it’s exploring more ways for players to hide as they traverse the map. The studio also wants players to follow more well-defined paths, which should make goal defense more predictable.

DICE has said it is going to roll out these changes to older maps gradually, starting with what they believe is the biggest offender: Kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscope rework (for Breakthrough and Conquest modes) scheduled for Battlefield 2042the first season that won’t release until the end of this summer.

These changes will also apply to future maps still in development, with more emphasis on developing smaller maps than players saw at launch, according to DICE. Battlefield 2042 supports up to 128 players, with extra-large maps designed to increase the number of players.

The developer says it’s gathering player feedback on future pain points that need to be addressed, as well as other maps that are causing serious problems.

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