Battlefield 2042 Pulls Russia Skin ‘In Light Of Current Events’

Last week, in Battlefield 2042, developer DICE first proposed and then abandoned a limited edition skin with a smiling gunship for the Russian faction of the game, deciding that now was not the best time to give players such rewards. For some time, besieged online shooters have offered special rewards for players who can complete certain weekly challenges, sometimes in the form of specialist outfits, sometimes weapon and vehicle skins. Discussed last week, the skin, dubbed the “Grin Reaper”, featured an aggressive grin based on the iconic aeronautical custom “shark teeth”. which goes back to World War I. It was launched at a time when events in Ukraine were rapidly deteriorating and was quickly withdrawn:

It was the right move on the part of the DICE developers for those looking at this skin in isolation, but it also sets the odd precedent that this particular item was considered tacky but the rest of the game itself, which features a near-future Aggressive Russia as one of two factions where players have a 50/50 chance of being auto-assigned to before each match is normal.

The removed skin is not replaced; anyone who loads the game will see a blank area of ​​the screen where the player’s progress towards the current weekly reward is usually located. DICE says the “weekly missions will return” later this week and has not ruled out re-offering this skin afterward.

It’s like the third time Battlefield 2042 skins have been in the news since the game launched. First, there was a skin that directly referred to Russia’s annexation of parts of Ukraine back in 2014, in particular, “Little Green Men”. Unmarked Russian special forces units that “allowed Vladimir Putin to state briefly that they were in fact local rebels, and therefore this was not a clear and open annexation of foreign territory.”

Then at Christmas, some Gamers were angry that the holiday skin was supposed to show Santa Claus with an assault rifle, and other players were angry that DICE yanked the skin after the recoil. Everything was very sad.

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