Battlefield 2042’s new patch adds a scoreboard but not voice chat

Six months after launch Battlefield 2042 finally gets a real scoreboard on Tuesday. The scoreboard is part Refresh it also fixes a couple of bugs and introduces a new cosmetic set, but doesn’t add voice chat.

Battlefield 2042The new scoreboard isn’t too flashy, it’s just a big list of players and their stats, showing the scores of the top 20 players on each team. It also features cut-out sections if you or your teammates happen to be anywhere below 20. To the left of the scoreboard is the match overview screen, which stays the same as the one currently in the game and shows the total match score. your K/D/A and the collection of ribbons you can earn.

The patch also brings several fixes for crash issues in the Origin and Xbox One versions of the game when using an Xbox One controller, as well as some bugs related to Conquest and Hazard Zone.

Voice chat, another conspicuously missing feature in Battlefield 2042, is also mentioned in the notes for this new patch. DICE says the feature is not included in this new update, but should be part of the next update due in early April.

Unfortunately, this is all a bit late. Aside from the fact that these updates come half a year after the release of the game, it seems that many players have moved on. In fact, many have returned to previous Battlefield games. on Steam, Battlefield 2042 currently has fewer peak players per day than Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4as well as Battlefield 5according to SteamDB.

Battlefield 2042The latest update is due out March 8 on all platforms.

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