Best cheap gaming chair: Snapshot guide

Cheap gaming chairs are hitting the market in droves, all under some randomly generated title in capital letters that makes even the most uninformed chair buyer think twice. The problem is not to find a cheap gaming chair but to find a non-crap. Even if your budget doesn’t reach the $500-1000 required for the best gaming chairs, you still deserve a chance to experience the joy of superb ergonomics.

We limit ourselves to a maximum of $200 for the gaming chairs listed here and aim for the $100 mark. Just remember that spending less than $200 on a gaming chair won’t get you the glorious thrones found at Secretlab or Herman Miller’s warehouses. However, this does not mean that you should give up all the luxury for the buttocks.

The most important feature of a cheap gaming chair, if you’re turning down the fanciest of meals, is comfort. You’re still paying for something you’ll sit for hours on, so it’s all about support when looking for a cheap gaming chair. Do it wrong, and you’ll know it.

Ergonomics can be one of the first things that fly out the window when you’re choosing a cheap gaming chair over a more expensive option, so make sure you get a chair that doesn’t do your back a disservice. If you suffer from back problems caused by poor posture, you should check with your doctor about what you should look for when sitting for long periods of time.

You may also find that cheap gaming chairs also come in mid-height options, which reduces the sticker price by a few dollars, well, gives you fewer chairs. Ideally, you want a full-height backrest that will support your spine throughout your gaming session.

In this picture guide, we’ve used our experience and knowledge to select the best cheap gaming chairs on offer right now. And while they won’t necessarily be the ones we’ve personally tested, we’ve put our gamers on enough gaming chairs to know what we’re looking for and what to avoid at all costs.

The best cheap gaming chairs

Should I buy a cheap gaming chair?

If you like the racing aesthetic, then a cheap gaming chair will definitely provide it, but it’s what’s under the faux leather exterior that really matters. If you go too cheap, you’ll end up with a frame that won’t hold up to enthusiastic effort during a hot gaming session or a padded seat that either doesn’t provide support or melts away within months.

Alternatively, if you’re not desperate for the streamer look, you can find decent office chairs with a much more ergonomic design for less than the price of a serious bucket seat. That is, of course, if you don’t mind going for something less flashy.

Good furniture is expensive but should last you for several years, so consider it an investment.


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