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A cheap gaming PC is one of the best ways to get a GPU right now. You can save some money and get a powerful PC that you can add later without having to wait months for a graphics card. We always recommend building your own computer, but it’s not always the best option. If you don’t want to mess with creating your own setup, this is the best option. The assembly process takes time and patience. And with the right cheap gaming PC, you can avoid that barrier and maybe even save yourself some money on building your own. At least it’s much more convenient. And if you’d rather stay portable, we’ve got the best deals on cheap gaming laptops to help you.

In this frequently updated hub, we search for the best gaming PC deals online and categorize them by price. Budget gaming PCs ranging from $500 to $1,000 should be able to play most modern games at 1080p resolution and have good graphics settings. More expensive systems over $1,000 come with more powerful processors and graphics cards.

We don’t judge solely by the price either: the components in these PCs matter, and we consider how those parts compare to what you buy for a DIY setup. In most cases, these machines won’t make our list of the best gaming PCs, but whatever you get will be worth the price.

Where can I find the best gaming PC deals?

Inexpensive gaming PCs

500-1000 USD


Should I build my own gaming PC or buy a ready made one?

One of the biggest benefits of building your own budget gaming PC is the ability to choose from every single component in the system. This allows you to take your time looking for deals and finding the perfect combination of parts to suit your budget and performance needs. The downside for most inexperienced builders is that this whole process can take a while and can be a headache if something goes wrong. This is where pre-built gaming PCs really shine.

When you pay to set up or buy a pre-built PC, you’re not only paying for the parts. You pay for warranty service, support, and the assurance that your system is assembled by professionals. Here are some of the things we value highly when choosing the best budget gaming PCs. We’ll also look at other unique benefits such as design, upgradeability, and anything else you wouldn’t be able to do if you built it yourself.

Another benefit in 2022 is that pre-built PCs are a better, or at least more reliable, way to find a reasonably priced graphics card. The constant shortage of silicon and high demand makes it difficult to find discrete GPUs at prices close to their original prices, which is why pre-built builds are somewhat priceless today.

For most users who don’t have the luxury of spending over $1,000 on a pre-built gaming PC, upgradeability and performance per dollar are paramount. When we decided to pick the best budget pre-built gaming PC options, we scoured nearly every major manufacturer and system integrator to find the best combination of price, reliability, customer reviews, design, and performance for under $500 and up to $1,000.

We still highly recommend trying to build one yourself, but if you can’t do that, one of the above systems will get you playing in no time.


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