Bethesda is working on a ‘five-year roadmap’ for Fallout 76

Bethesda is working on a ‘five-year roadmap’ for Fallout 76

UFOs filled with alien invaders have just arrived in West Virginia. Don’t panic, I’m just talking about Fallout 76 that came in Season 8 and is now filled with extraterrestrial encounters. New Fallout 76 Roadmap 2022 also promises arena fights against robots this summer, expeditions to revisit Pitt this fall (last seen in the Fallout 3 add-on). And a new region boss arriving in the winter.

It’s a pretty busy schedule for the year. But according to Bethesda, this is just the tip of the irradiated iceberg. Speaking recently with AusGamersFallout 76 design director Mark Tucker said they’re working on a roadmap that will cover the next five years after the nuclear MMO.

Long-Term plans

“We have long-term plans, and the further we go, things get a little unclear because we are adjusting and adapting as things come up and we see what the players want and what they are doing,” Tucker said. “But right now I’m spending a lot of time planning this three- and five-year roadmap.”

It’s a long look ahead and a good sign for Fallout 76 fans that they won’t run out of new Appalachian entertainment anytime soon. Since its release in 2018, the MMO has already seen a comeback of human NPCs with branching dialogue, coming Brotherhood of Steel, as well as adding custom (premium) private servers. However, not everything that was added to Fallout 76 over the years was successful: some additions to the game did not catch on, for example, its battle royale mode nuclear Winter, which was shut down in 2021.

Don’t expect to hear the full details of what Bethesda has planned for the next five years, at least not anytime soon. It seems that the developers themselves have not yet fully finalized it.

“The three-year roadmap is much more understood and known,” Tucker said. “He gets a little fuzzier at five years old.”

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