Bethesda re-ups trademark for unannounced project called Spyteam

Zenimax Media has updated the trademark for a product called Spy team. A long-standing name that has previously popped up in the same way. Spy team sounds a bit like a show my five-year-old would watch. Although it also offers a multiplayer focus – and of course. It’s always pretty funny when something espionage is discovered. The new app was spotted by Twitter user SkullziTV (Thanks, PCGN): the application was filed by ZeniMax on January 28, 2022. Spy team is the secret Bethesda game that appears to have been in development for some time. Recently filed for a trademark for 2022. Can we finally find out what game this is later this year? #Bethesda #Xbox com/WVMDixotR5March 6, 2022

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Spy team first came to prominence in 2018

Through similar trademark registration, several factors point to the name being Bioware Austin. Austin is also in charge of Fallout 76. But at the time, he was transitioning from a canceled multiplayer game called Battlecry. In fact, the studio was called Battlecry Studios. Battlecry was a “32-player online multiplayer combat game” originally scheduled to launch in 2015. With designer Viktor Antonov, best known for his work on Half-Life 2 and Dishonored, attached to it. It never surfaced.

It remains to be seen if what Battlecry was has anything to do with what the Spy team will be. But job listings for the studio confirmed it’s working on at least one unannounced title. Austin isn’t the only option, though: Bethesda Montreal is also working on something. As is Roundhouse Studios (formerly Human Head Studios).

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