Bethesda Shows Off Eight Whole Seconds Of Bethesda’s Starfield

It definitely looks like a Bethesda game!

Throughout the rest of the roundtable, Howard, Design Director Emil Pagliarulo, Lead Quest Designer Will Shen, and Lead Artist Istvan Peli spoke a bit about what players can expect from the game. Starfieldintragalactic world:

  • oblivionNPC persuasion mini-game is back in one form or another
  • Joining the United Colonies space cops won’t stop you from helping the Crimson Fleet as well.
  • Deeper character trait and background customization
  • More realistic looking NPCs

Let’s see how all this is executedin practice.

For those who don’t remember oblivionmechanics of persuasion revolved around the wheel of various options, for example, pranks or coercion where some are more to the NPC’s liking than others based on their existing disposition. It was neat at the time, which was 15 years ago, but also broke easily and seemed quite manipulative. The current lane for branching dialogue, at least in my opinion, is Disco Elysium which offers a much looser and non-zero approach to conversation.

I’m also skeptical about how morale will develop around some of these factions. It feels like a lot of games fallout 76 included) have not progressed much further than Fallout: New Vegas completed back in 2010. On the round table of Pagliarulo plays on the fact that the “good man” can still play with the “bad guys” by imposing a faction of pirates on the United Colonies. This part of the conversation is already raised multiple eyebrows, including mine. Hope the moral fabric of Starfieldthe in-game universe is less reductive.

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