Bethesda’s new Starfield video teaser shows off companions, persuasion, more

Bethesda Game Studios on Wednesday offered a new take on the world and mechanics of their next game. Starfieldshowcasing a bit of gameplay but gives a glimpse of the player-created characters, companions, and mysteries of the cosmos that players will encounter later this year.

In this video

 Starfield Game director Todd Howard, design director Emil Pagliarulo, lead quest designer Will Shen, and lead artist Istvan Peli touched on several elements of the sci-fi RPG. Howard and Peli say that Starfield will include character depth akin to “old, hardcore RPGs” and that the studio has “greatly upscaled” its player-created characters.

“Nice with Starfield to get back to some of the things we didn’t do – the backstory,

The character traits, the definition of your character, all those characteristics,” says Howard.  And Shen and Pagliarulo touch the Starfieldpersuasion system, a conversational interaction mechanic that sounds, perhaps intentionally, influenced The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivionsystems.

Starfield releases November 11 on Windows PC and Xbox Series X and will be playable at launch via Xbox Game Pass.                                                                                       

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