Betrayal at Club Low is another mini immersive sim from The Norwood Suite’s Cosmo D

off-peak time, as well as Norwood Suite Developer Cosmo D, has announced his next project, which will be released this summer: Betrayal at Club Low. The indie developer and professional musician makes games that look weird, catchy and inspire many. The use of the word “surreal” seems mandatory. If I had to characterize The Norwood Suite, it would be an immersive sim in a bottle.

Betrayal at the Low Club challenges

You to infiltrate a nightclub turned coffin factory to rescue an old colleague who is above their head. “Your mission is to sneak into the club incognito and get him out before he blows his cover . Can you? do this?” Set in the Off-Peak City setting of the developer’s previous games, this mini-immersive sim promises a somewhat paper-cut RPG structure: “tactile dice-based gameplay and tense decisions at every turn. for a total of eleven possible endings.

Well, I know which ending I’ll get first:

The one where your slacker ends up in a ditch with his head blown off after insulting the porter. Games Steam The description details the role-playing system, which is inspired by “short, edgy, independent magazine role-playing games” and includes seven skills: athletics, cooking, deceit, music, observation, wisdom, and wit. Skills manifest as in-game dice that you can update the faces of, which sounds cool. Apparently, it can be finished in one short session, but that’s not really what people love Cosmo D stuff for. It will be a multi-level world full of alternative paths, clever solutions and some outright bizarre nonsense. And a great soundtrack.

To that end, as you play the game,

New elements of the game will be unlocked: “new challenges, mutators, and modes to unlock new challenge levels and rewards.” Cosmo D also has something of a pizza fetish in their games, and of course, Betrayal At Club Low includes pizza dice that will presumably help you “get money, heal, and get an edge in the club.” Delicious.

Take a look at these rather strange screenshots while you wait for them to appear this summer.

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