Boulies Master Series Computer Chair review

Most computer chairs designed for gamers are a little outlandish. They tend to be that high-contrast race car design. Even all-black ones can have those tell-tale little flares that look like holes in the headrest, screaming that they’re actually meant for gaming and not for work. For an adult who doesn’t always want to enjoy the RGB4LYF aesthetic, this can make buying a gaming computer chair a bit difficult, especially in the lower to mid-price ranges.

However, I like the Bowlies Master Series computer chair better. This is a moderately priced throne that still looks great in the office. This headrest has no holes and comes in several office colors. For review, I got the model in ash gray water-repellent fabric, it looks professional but cozy. As an added bonus, the fabric makes this one of the most comfortable chairs I’ve ever sat in my underwear. Despite this treatment, so far it has stayed true to its word without picking up stains and sweat.

For longer seats, a little more padding on the underside wouldn’t hurt, but it’s still a very comfortable chair. The combination of respectable design and soft foot support makes it one of the most ideal gaming chairs for home Zoom calls.

The way the back of the Boulies Master Series computer chair flares out and curves back into the hips is oddly soothing and works well with the adjustable lumbar support, making my lower back feel like it’s being slightly hugged. The lumbar support can be adjusted using the rotary knob on the right side in the middle of the backrest, which, by turning it, pushes the lower part of the backrest forward into the lower back.


Functions: 360° swivel, full-length backrest, integrated lumbar support, 15-degree swing, tilt lock
Armrest: 8 ways to adjust
Seat: height adjustable
Price: $350 / AUD 544.00 / £300

However, the lumbar adjustment is the most complex mechanism in the chair. Reaching out to turn it is awkward, and it’s hard to tell by touch what position it’s in. If your hands are a little wet, forget it because this watch face won’t move. The amount by which it changes the feel of the chair as a whole is quite negligible, but if anything it seems to be a bit large for my preferences, so I tend to turn off the lumbar immediately. I would generally prefer the chair to have a little more pliability. It may come with time, but even so, it is by no means inconvenient today.

I could see it’s a little restrictive for larger people, especially since the bottom cushion isn’t very wide either. For me it was normal, and I am not without junk in the trunk. With my height of 170 cm, the top of my head is slightly raised above the headrest, but I can comfortably sit on the included cushion. The recommended height and weight limits are 190 cm and 135 kg respectively, but I would advise caution if you are on the higher end of these scales.

Although, when it comes to weight, stability is not an issue. On the lower left side, under the seat, is a mechanism that can be rotated to lock the chair in place or give it some wiggle room. I personally really enjoy having a chair where I can rock back and forth while thinking and have always felt safe with the seat in that mode. On the right side, you have a backrest lever that can be maneuvered to lean back. I actively tried to tip it over by lying on it but to no avail. Although I scared myself several times during the process.

The Bouliies Master gaming chair is an understated seat that still has all the bells and whistles for its price range.

The Master Chair originally came with plastic armrests that were rather dull, but the Bouliies have since replaced them. I had the opportunity to play with both and I’m very glad they did. The new armrests are soft, unlike the typical hard plastic, and are much more comfortable to use. They also have more positioning options, which means I’m now putting them to good use. It’s a really nice touch because these are the most comfortable armrests I’ve seen on a chair in this price range.

There are a few reminders here and there that this chair is cheaper. In some cases, the instructions weren’t the clearest, and while they weren’t hard to put together, they did require some independent thinking. It makes a little more noise than some other chairs when moving, nothing major or disturbing, just not the smooth ride of more expensive seats.

My biggest complaint is with the headrest cushion. Although it is very soft and pleasant to use, it uses an elastic band to attach it to the top of the chair. On mine, this strip is stitched so that it always has a curve, and I’m probably going to rip it up and re-sew it.

Despite my small complaints, the Bullies Master gaming chair is an understated seat that still has all the bells and whistles for its price range. I really like the soft-touch and stain-resistant fabric, which lends a cozy feel to many alternatives while still looking professional. The new padded and fully adjustable armrests add to this comfortable feel and are once again some of the best I have ever seen. Generally speaking, it offers a complete set of settings, including stable movement and adjustable lumbar support. Although I’m still not too sure about the latter. I’m more comfortable with it completely off, so it might be a bit much for some.

However, for those of a smaller stature looking for a good, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing office chair, the Bullies Master Series computer chair fits the bill.

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