Bungie Offers Destiny 2 Players Free Emblem To Show Support For Ukraine

During the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine that began on February 24, Bungie released an all-new Destiny 2 emblem to show their support for Ukraine.

Last month, the developer shared how he intends to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine, announcing that he will be giving away all of his proceeds from the first 48 hours of his recent Charity event, Game2Give, to humanitarian efforts. $120,000 was raised, and Bungie promised that it would continue to channel donations from its employees to any charities in the US, including Direct Relief and the International Rescue Committee.

Players can now enter the code “JVG-VNT-GGG” to claim their free Destiny 2 item and show support for Ukraine.

“For Konyashnik, we have modestly attempted to showcase the hope and courage that so symbolize the Ukrainian people at this impossible time,” Bungie said, describing the emblem. “Along with the coat of arms of Ukraine, impressionistic sunflowers, the national flower of Ukraine, inhabit the peaceful countryside – a metaphor for hope and our way of expressing solidarity.”

Bungie previously announced that it would also be suspending Destiny 2 sales in Russia and Belarus. While players in both regions can still play any purchased content, they cannot buy new content or Silver.

As the Russian invasion escalates, more tech companies and developers are voicing their commitment to helping Ukraine. Most recently, Sony announced the suspension of all sales of PlayStation games and equipment deliveries to Russia, including the recently released Gran Turismo 7.

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