Call Of Duty: Warzone Tips To Survive Iron Trials Mode

Iron Trials returns to Call of Duty: Warzone on March 3rd, serving as a “hard mode” for the most competitive players in the game. With faster circle destruction and increased player health, this mode drastically changes the feel of Warzone, and it can feel a little overwhelming for new players. Here we offer some tips to help you achieve the hardest Victory Royale in Warzone.

The Iron Trials mode was previously introduced on the Verdansk map as Iron Trials ’84, but this time the experience has become available on the Warzone Rebirth Island map in the duos playlist. The ruleset for Iron Trials has been slightly adjusted to fit the smaller Spawn Island map, and you can find a breakdown of all those details here.

Rebirth Iron Trials Survival Tips

Customize your weapons and equipment

Iron Trials dramatically change the time to kill in Warzone, so your opponents will suddenly feel like bullet sponges. Current gear sets may not be suitable for this mode, so you need to craft some gear sets specifically for Iron Trials. The best weapon to equip is one that boasts a large ammo capacity and a fast kill time, with weapons such as Welgun by Vanguard automatic or AK47 from Cold War Black Ops The assault rifle is a good choice here.

In terms of tactical gear, Steam is the most popular choice for Iron Trials. You can use flashbang grenades or a heartbeat sensor, but Steam is widely popular because it helps you heal faster. You regenerate health much slower in Iron Trials, so you will feel at a disadvantage without using Stim equipment.

For lethal gear, you need something that will deal a lot of damage. Thermite and Semtex grenades would be your best options here.

Swap places

Warzone Quick Fix Perk

You will most likely want to use different perks for Iron Trials. Here are the recommended perks for all three perk slots.Perk 1: Quick Fix

The Quick Fix perk is generally not the best choice for Warzone, but with changes to health and regen rates, Quick Fix is ​​becoming a great gear option for Iron Trials.

Perk 2: Overkill

Overkill is highly recommended for the second perk slot. It takes so many bullets to knock the player down with the core health increase in the mode, so having a pistol as a secondary would feel like a disadvantage. You will need Overkill so you can equip two primary weapons with fast kill times.

Perk 3: Boost

Amped will be an important perk to use in the third slot. At critical moments in a firefight, you don’t want to be caught exchanging weapons. Amped allows you to switch weapons faster, and this pairs perfectly with the Overkill perk.

Loot fast

Iron tests on Vozrozhdeniye Island

Iron tests on Vozrozhdeniye Island

Loot is usually an important part of a battle royale, but it is even more important in Iron Trials. There is no free gear in Iron Trials, and the cost to purchase it is much higher as the price per gear marker has been increased to $10,000. You’ll want to prepare for the best floor loot you can find and raise as much money as you can to buy your own gear.

Keep moving

Be sure to loot and move. Other iterations of Warzone can feel campy at times, but with Iron Trials’ faster circle destruction, you want to make sure you stay ahead of the gas.

Hold on to your duo.

Iron trials can absolutely punish you for wandering alone. The player’s increased health makes it harder to win a 1v1 gunfight, so you’ll have even more trouble if you face the enemy duo alone. Communicate and stick with your teammate.

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