Capcom Reveals Wild New Dinosaur Shooter Exoprimal For PS4, PS5

During today’s State of Play, Capcom unexpectedly unveiled a brand new IP about marines in exosuits battling hordes of dinosaurs. It is called exoprimitive, which is the most popular video game title I’ve heard in a long time. What’s more, it gives me some serious Hymn meets World War Z vibes and will be released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 next year. The two-minute trailer shows the exofighters joining some kind of cosmic organization called Aibius. Which is apparently traveling through space to stop dinosaurs from appearing through a sinister dimensional circular gate in the sky. To prevent a dinosaur outbreak, you jump in an exosuit, four of which have been shown to cut and shoot myriads of reptiles threatening human communities.

Sci-fi particle

Most of the game looks like this Hymn, from sci-fi particle effects to exosuits and their abilities. For example, there is one that is armed with a dagger-like dual weapon for close combat. While the other seems to be magic-oriented. Perhaps this is not a very correct comparison, considering Hymn was not successful by any stretch of the imagination. But as one of the few who enjoyed BioWare’s co-op shooter, I hope exoprimitive fills that multiplayer void for me.

Speaking of multiplayer, exoprimitive includes a five-player cooperative game (probably online) that, according to the PlayStation Blog, focused on team tactics. Since each suit has a specific role. You’ll have to coordinate to make sure your team has the right suits to tackle any “dinosaur predictions” that come up. You can even change your costume whenever you want, with the trailer above. It seems like it’s possible to swap exosuits in the heat of combat.

All in all, exoprimitive looks like it will be great to play with friends. Dinosaur Hordes is a welcome change of pace from the overuse of zombies in the horde-based shooting genre. So it’s fun to watch Capcom experiment a bit.


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