Celeste Developers Reunited With Missing Game Awards Trophy

Streamer Prestige is the key. Was looking for a cool gaming memento the other day, but when he tried to buy a Game Awards trophy online, he got a lot more than he originally expected. Trying for years to buy a copy of the Game Award like a knick-knack that he could put on his shelf and never got lucky and figured he finally found it on eBay a couple of weeks ago. Only this one, oddly enough, was not a copy; because PC gamers reported that it was valid Game Awards presented on stage.

Curious to know what the hell was going on, Prestige asked where exactly the trophy came from. But the reward seller – a retailer who doesn’t usually deal in video game products or collectibles – was unable to help others than to say it came from “liquidation sources”. This suggests that it is possible that whoever received the award went out of business and the trophy was confiscated as part of the closure. Anyway, it was a real trophy, something even cooler than the copy he was originally looking for, so Prestige bet and won:

Upon receiving it – and having never seen such an “up close” before, the weight of the item (at least as seen on the video) was very pleasing to me – he was able to instantly identify where it came from. Based on the trophy, the year, category, and winner were listed.

Celeste was developed by Extremely OK Games and they are still in business, so Prestige contacted them to let them know that he had just bought their trophy. They were able to partly solve the mystery, stating, oddly enough, that they never received their reward; despite having received it from Ninja Live on stage; the show’s organizers took the trophy shortly afterward and said they would mail it to them after the performance. But never did.

So whoever is responsible is somewhere along the way, meaning for four whole years Extremely OK Games could say they won a gaming award without even being able to show it (UPDATE: I overlooked that they actually won two that night, this one and “Games For Impact”). Seeing that the bounty was now his, Prestige decided to send the trophy to Celeste’s developers, who would refund him the auction and postage costs, as well as send him some signed copies. Celeste instead.

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