Check out these beautiful handmade Mario64 dioramas

Super Mario 64 Complete Clear Guide is the infamous strategy guide. Super Mario 64fully is available online for the first time.

Because Kotaku mentions, printed copies of this guide are rare but can be found. Although they often cost hundreds of dollars. But thanks Dave Shevlin of Comfort Food Video Games full guide uploaded to Internet Archive for everyone to see, including high-quality illustrations of the guide’s custom dioramas.

Yes, in addition to the developer’s comments, the guide also has some great handmade dioramas of the levels in the game. They were created specifically for this guide, as viewing 3D levels in 2D helps players visualize what they need to do to complete the level. The manual is entirely in Japanese, but the visual language of the skillfully crafted sculptures is universal.


mountain level in Super Mario 64 as a sculptureRaw, raw, and uncut pages are also available for download as a ZIP file on the website

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