Cheesing Elden Ring Enemies Feels Just As Good As Dark Souls

When faced with a superior opponent, sometimes the only way out is a dirty fight. In my case, ancient ring dev FromSoftware is a giant Goliath, and I’m just old David loading my Sling. As such, I wasn’t ashamed to use hit-and-run tactics against a terrifying enemy after finding myself devoid of healing options while exploring the fearsome fortress.

Stormvale Castle is the first “ancestral dungeon” you’ll find in ancient rings. These areas play an important role in the overall goal of the game (i.e., defeat all the story bosses) and also give players a bit of an old-school, Souls-like adventure. It seems like every part of the early game is designed to take you to this imposing fortress, and once you get there, it’s a great introduction to the verticality of the environment made possible by the jump button. Just don’t look down when walking along the ledges and parapets located on the various towers of Stormvale.

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Where ancient ring the open-world format gives you a lot of leeway in terms of fighting enemies and escaping from battle with Torrent’s horned steed, legacy dungeons are more like FromSoftware’s classic level design in that careful resource management and returning to checkpoints via shortcuts is important. Sometimes it’s a smart move to forgo some progress in the hopes of keeping your runes’ new items to level up and buy items that function the same as souls in Dark souls and try areas with more knowledge of their dangers at your disposal again.

But I never claimed to be a smart person.

I was, at least as I felt at the time, a few hours on my journey through Stormvale. The all-important Flask of Crimson Tears (read: Flask of Estus), which serves as your main method of restoring health in the ancient ring, was empty, and I wasn’t prepared to expend the magical energy needed to cast my Prophet’s healing spell. My health was in decent condition, but I was still desperately trying to find the shortest path before engaging in new battles. That’s when I encountered the terrifying multi-armed monster I knew all too well as a pain in the ass in a closed online test. But after exhausting all my other paths, I realized that my only way forward was through the cathedral-like space that the creature called home.

I started slowly. Sneaking up behind the enemy, I used my last bit of magic to cast Fire Sling, a long-range fireball spell I learned after defeating the first Stormvale boss. This most powerful attack of mine wiped out less than 1/10 of the monster’s health, prompting me to return to safety in the next room. I weighed my options. Should I return to my last checkpoint and see if I can get back here with more resources? No, I thought, this would take too long. Should I face this guy head to head with my short spear? Hell no, I’m not good enough at this game for that.

Then it dawned on me that if the monster eventually forgot about me and returned to its intended path, I could tiptoe up when it turned its back, land a few hits, return to my safe zone, and repeat.

First, I made sure to use up the Magicka left in my reserves for a few throws of Fire Sling before switching to a less powerful weapon. After that, it was about hitting the monster once and riding like Skeletor. I eventually developed a system where positioning myself in a certain spot in a safe room would lure my enemy to a corner of the arena, allowing me to sneak back and hide behind a pillar to drop his aggro. From that point on, it was just a matter of making sure I didn’t get too greedy and go for a second hit. My patience was my strongest weapon, and after almost 15 minutes, I was rewarded with the death of a terrible creature and was able to continue my exploration of Stormvale Castle.

Largely, the ancient ring it’s an evolution of the FromSoftware style. It includes gameplay elements from all previous games in the series. Souls series, not even souls precursors such as Bloody as well as Sekiro: Shadows die twice. And although the discussion of difficulties often focuses on the “achievement” of the final overcoming of the difficult Souls Boss, overcoming obstacles, as I described above, is also deeply woven into the very fabric of the genre. Take the Taurus Demon out of Dark souls, For example. This may serve as the first real skill test in this game, but the bridge you fight him on is also designed in such a way that you can trick the boss into jumping to his death without a fight.

In fact, the players found that several Dark souls bosses can be defeated with careful positioning or exploits. It is now a time-tested tradition.

This may not be how FromSoftware intended me to handle it. Ancient ring monster, but I don’t regret doing what I had to do to survive in a small part of this huge, harsh game. If developers want to be assholes and teleport me to some distant, high-level area, I think finding the cheapest and easiest way to overcome all other hurdles is the best answer. And to be honest, I’m just waiting for players who are better than me; I don’t know, to figure out how to kill the final boss without landing a single hit or something.


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