Chex Quest HD Exists, And It’s Getting A Switch Port This March

Image: Team Chex Quest HD, Flight School Studio

Yes, it also completely passed us by. Chex Quest was a 1996 non-violent shooter released on PC in North America only. this transformation Ultimate Doom, an updated version of the hugely influential Doom, famous for being the first video game to be obtained in a cereal box. Ah, the 90s. You can’t advertise a box of cereal if you’re aggressive, can you?

Despite the poor critical reviews, hindsight has been kind to this crispy FPS since it’s essentially a mod of another video game. The game had two sequels and gained a small fan base thanks to its quirky premise and solid gameplay.

In 2020 Chex Quest HD launched on Steam for free, and starting March 11, everyone will be able to play this signature crunchy plate of savory and snacks on the go on their Switch. (Thanks, Nintendo All!)

The game will cost $4.99, which is about the price of a box of cereal these days. To be honest, many of us haven’t even heard of the original, probably due to its regional availability, but this trailer will help you get the hang of it; it may even bring up some very specific memories for some of you.

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