China’s Silicon Valley is shutting down for a week due to Covid-19 restrictions

This strategy, which differs markedly from that adopted in most countries 

Europe and North America, has led to a significant decrease in reported cases and death rates compared to other countries, although it has caused widespread disruption to people and businesses in the country., Some of them have led to disruptions in the global supply chain, including the shortage of crucial PC components, namely graphics cards, that we feel so keenly in PC games.

Digitimes reports that some of the companies affected by the Shenzhen shutdowns include InnoLux and GIS, two monitor makers; Foxconn; King Core, manufacturer of inductors; Topoint, manufacturer of PCB drills; Yen Sun Technology, cooling fan manufacturer; and Avary, the world’s largest PCB supplier.

Although fortunately, many of these manufacturers are not reporting any imminent supply issues due to the week-long outage. For example, AU Optronics, a large manufacturer of panels often found in gaming monitors, has already launched a work-from-home initiative in the region. However, it has not yet affected its operations in any way, according to DigiTimes.

It also says that since much of the component and laptop assembly and component manufacturing is located in other parts of

Everyone in Shenzhen will pass three stages of testing in response to any potential outbreak, and all businesses will be required to close or work from home, except when necessary, such as for fuel and food.

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