Cloud Strife’s modded abs have Final Fantasy 7 players in a tizzy

I’ve always thought that everyone looks great in a crop top, and Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 is no exception. But for some reason, not everyone agrees with me. BUT mod by jujube dressed the grumpy protagonist in a pretty cute cropped leather jacket on NexusMods, showing off the typical JRPG protagonist abs (thanks, Kotaku).

Although I am a fan of this mod, not everyone liked it. In the comments, jujubes were asked to cover their exposed belly, with one writing, “How can we get a non-exposed belly version? Other than that, it looks great.” At the same time, another said, “That’s cool! But I would also like an option without a lewd belly.” unprotected.” Now I’m not sure I’d go as far as calling a man’s belly obscene, especially since the same modder has a mod that makes Cloud naked, but the cropped look isn’t for everyone.

Cloud’s belly

In response to comments about Cloud’s belly, Jujub cheekily posted a writing update. Now his belly is covered. Although, instead of sewing on the missing half of his turtleneck, Jujuub instead put a tattoo of what looks like a tribal-themed uterus on his lower abdomen. It’s the perfect ironic response that almost makes me want to get a copy of the game on PC to play around with the new, obscenely improved Cloud. Although I also saw someone say it gave them a lot of “boy from the school of rock” energy, I’m not so sure now.
The modder kept getting comments about wanting a version with Cloud’s stomach covered, but instead, they did this 😭 7, 2022
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One of my favorite things about porting console games to PC is being able to peep into all the dumb and cool shit that people end up modifying into it – like playing the whole game with Cloud in his signature dress or getting Ronald McDonald’s face painted. This almost makes up for the meager release of this game on PC. Nearly. To the Sephirot.


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