Cuphead Show Renewed For Season 2 On Netflix, Coming Sooner Than You Might Have Thought

The Cuphead Show, the Netflix animated series based on the popular indie video game, is back with a second season. Studio MDHR and Netflix have confirmed that a second installment is in development and will debut this summer on the streaming platform. The announcement of the second season comes just a few weeks after the debut of the first season in February. MDHR has stated that there will be more “genuine cheer and fun” in Season 2, but that’s about all we know for now.

Cuphead is developed by Dave Wasson, who previously created the animated shows Time Squad and Star vs the Forces of Evil.

GameSpot’s review of The Cuphead Show rated the show 9/10. “The Cuphead show pays homage to both classic cartoons and the beloved game of 2017. The episodes are short and sweet, full of laughter and touching moments,” said reviewer Stephen Petit. “The animation is great and the voice actors bring characters who were previously silent to live. The show stands on its own yet is filled with fun hints of the game – and never feels like unnecessary fan service.”

As for the game, Cuphead was originally released in 2017 and is now available on all major console platforms apart from PC. The game has sold over 6 million copies, and The Delicious Last Course expansion will release this summer alongside the show’s second season.

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