Cyberpunk 2077 Review Bombed Over Studio’s Support Of Ukraine

“The game has no boundaries. It will be so good for you to oppress Russian citizens. Have a good day.”

“I wish CDPR bankruptcy and dismissal of you as soon as possible!! Acquired by Tencent!!!!! I stand with Putin”

“What are the leaders of the CDPR thinking? This war is none of your business, idiot! if you support Ukraine and Ukrainian Nazis, then I am going to support Russia.”

Some reviews also criticize CD Projekt Red for taking a “political stance”, while others simply show ASCII middle finger art. Although a few more are written in Russian and Chinese. Kotaku cannot independently verify the legitimacy of these particular messages.

It all started when Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red suggested a support message for the people of Ukraine at the start of the ongoing Russian invasion on February 25th. The hostilities reportedly left the studio (located in neighboring Poland) “shocked and outraged”, forcing its parent company to donate PLN 1 million (just over $218,000) to Polish humanitarian action polish organizations engaged in humanitarian activities around the world.”We cannot remain indifferent in the face of such injustice and ask everyone to join in and help in any way they can,” CD Projekt Red tweeted. “Together we can make a difference!”

The discrepancy between media coverage of Ukraine’s defense and coverage of Arab resistance efforts, such as the Palestinian people’s desperate attempts to prevent the Israeli apartheid state, hait was also an important conversation outside of games.

As indicated TheGamerthese negative reviews at some point caused Cyberpunk 2077The user’s status on Steam will drop from “mostly positive” to “mixed”. Valve’s digital showcase has since restored the underperforming game’s “mostly positive” status, removing this “off-topic review period” from the overall score.

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